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Non-Conductive FISH TAPES (Draw Tape)



The Fish Tape “Super Fish” Fish Tape developed over a long time by our company "HU ENC KOREA"

pass through the electric wire pipe softly and quickly like a snake does in the winding narrow cave as it is strong but elastic, being made of special material.


It especially shows excellent performance in the work with many curves, and shortens the working time remarkably to such an extend as to being used for the telecommunication line work of more than 200m.


And it can be used for a long time as it does not get rusty and corrode.

It has no danger of electric shock as it is nonconductive material.


Super Fish is currently produced in Korea exclusively,and being gradually

expanded to the market in Japan, China, Southeast Asia and etc.


For household use, the Fish tape, which is made of common metal,

is suitable. But for the use in the specialized area such as large scale

construction site, telecommunication line installation, building work and

etc., please do not hesitate to select our Super Fish Fish Tape.





Friction space minimized
Our product allows for fast operation by minimizing friction space with one or four
with 4.0 ~ 7.4mm in diameter.

High elasticity and tensile strength
Our product uses our own special materials complementing the existing PET

products, so it has good workability with high elasticity and tensile strength and

will not be easily broken while at work.

Because our product uses non-conductive materials, it is safe from electric shock.

The head of the fish tape is large enough to feed 3-4 of 2.5mm wires together,




1. The workability of our product is excellent.

2. The product is also available to the work inserting a wire into a crooked

    place due to high bending elasticity.

3. The product uses non-conductive plastic materials,so there is no

    risk of electric  shock.

4. The product can be used for an extended period of time

5. It does not get rusty and corrode.

6. It shortens working time remarkably in the street with many curves and

    long distance.

7. The price is cheap when compared with the quality.




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